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Cyntec hand released a new band pass type diplexer, TDP-2520-205-W1, for WiFi dual-band applications. This band pass type diplexer, integrating one 2GHz/ 5GHz diplexing circuit, one 2.4GHz band pass filter, and one 5GHz band pass filter, with size only 2.5mm x 2.0mm x 0.4mm, provides low insertio
The precision and efficiency of technical products is taken more and more attention these days. For the trend, Cyntec combined four-pin 4-wire Kelvin's measure method with wide terminal to develop a 4-Terminal Current Sensing Resistor "RL1632L4" to decrease measure error, enhance produ
Challenge myself, challenge world. We developed the smallest size current sensing resistor in Cyntec, also in worldwide…… In the future, electric products will become smaller and smaller. Besides, the products functions are expected to be multiplex and more reliable. For this trend