Miniaturized, high Q, High performance, Chip inductors for RF applications- Cyntec CAL0204 (01005 size) inductor series

Cyntec announced the commercial release of the miniaturization, high frequency, high Q, thin film chip inductor, CAL0204 Series (0.4mmx 0.2mmx 0.2mm) for highly integrated, miniaturized mobile and wireless device applications.

The CAL0204 series features high Q, low DC resistance, tight tolerance, and high self resonant frequencies. The inductance values of CAL0204 series ranging from 0.4nH to 18nH provide part numbers with inductance step of 0.1 nH for low inductance range which are helpful for fine tuning of RF circuits. The series provides tight tolerance, ±0.1nH for 0.4nH to 3.9nH and ±3% for 4.3nH to 18nH, by the mean time with high self resonant frequencies which provide the least inductance variation over wide frequency bands. The DC resistance values range from 30mΩ to 1.62Ω typically, the rated current ranges from 140 mA to 320mA, depending on inductance part numbers. The high self resonant frequency and low DC resistance characteristics yield the high Q performance of the CAL0204 series. For example, the 1.0 nH inductor of this series performs Q factor of 20 at 0.9 GHz and over 30 for 2GHz. CAL0204 series is a good choice for applications in smart phones, wireless communication devices and SIP’s when both performances and miniaturizations are the most important considerations. Mass production began in August 2012.

Fig. 1. Frequency responses of Inductance for CAL0204

Fig. 2. Frequency responses of Q-factor for CAL0204


1. Miniaturization: 0.4mmx 0.2mmx 0.2mm
2. Inductance values: 0.4~18nH
3. Tight tolerance: ±0.1nH/±3%
4. High Q, Low DC resistance


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