World's First and Smallest Current Sensing Resistor-RL-0204-G

Challenge myself, challenge world. We developed the smallest size current sensing resistor in Cyntec, also in worldwide……

In the future, electric products will become smaller and smaller. Besides, the products functions are expected to be multiplex and more reliable. For this trend, Cyntec produce the world's first smallest current sensing resistor, RL-0204-G, looking forward to deliver the best service and products to our customers. For developing the world’s first smallest size product, Cyntec even invested high cost in manufacturing machines and materials to enhance the process precision and shrike size. Finally, we successfully created a small size, low weight and low TCR product, then fully use in small size and high precision need handheld product, like Smartphone, Ipad, Laptop, MP4.


1. Size Reduction over 60%

2. Become Thinner and Low Weight

3. Low T.C.R.: 0603→0204: size reduction→T.C.R is still keep within ±200ppm/℃.


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