The Lowest Inductance 0201 Chip Inductor in the World-CBL0306 Series

Cyntec has released Ultra-Low Inductance Matching Kit CBL0306 Series for fine tuning matching purposes.

The matching kit consists of 4 inductors of ultra-low inductance below covering 0.45nH down to 0.15nH. The inductance and ESR, equivalent serial resistance, are of very tight tolerance which performs almost invariant over wide frequency ranges. The matching kit provides inductance selection below standard CML0306 series, as well as even lower inductance and ESR comparing to 0Ohm jumper of the same size. While the 0Ohm jumpers are usually applied by engineers for lowest, but not well defined inductance value for matching, which give rise to poor control of fine tune matching. By applying Cyntec CBL0306 matching kit, engineers can easily find well defined ultra-low inductance with high accuracy and performance for their matching tasks which ease the troublesome matching work and provide high yield rate for the production.


1. CBL0306 Provide 2 more inductance selections lower than 0201 jumper, inductance values 0.15nH, 0.25nH, 0.35nH, 0.4nH.

2. Stable inductance performance over wide frequency ranges, especially at high frequency bands, and well defined Inductance values lower than 0201 jumpers.

3. Full series with lower ESR comparing to 0201 size jumpers.

4. Frequency invariant ESR over wide frequency bands.


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