Magnetic Component (Automotive-Grade)
● Higher power density and low profile.
● Integrated transformer for LLC Topology
● High current HV-LV DC-DC planar transformer
● Support Bi-Directional V2G & V2L
On Board Charger
HV-LV DC-DC Converter
Customized Service
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Transformer/Choke Module with Efficient Heat Dissipation
Hybrid winding configuration design with balanced current distribution among winding
High power density integration with efficient and cost effective heat dissipation
Integrated LLC Transformer with High Efficiency
High Leakage transformer design with sectional winding and controlled reluctance
Lower transformer loss and selective potting at critical hot spot to reduce total cost
Case Semi-Potting Full Potting
Welding Max. Temp. (℃) 120.8 116.4
Cost 76.8% 100%
Winding configuration optimization to minimize high frequency copper loss