1pm Welcome 
2:45 Break
6:30 Welcome Reception

7:00 Breakfast And...For The Early Riser - Publishers Roundtable w/Doug Fabian
8:30 Welcome Address / Vendor Intro
9:00 Sales Jason Evans Workshop, Close More Deals
9:00 Graphics with Russell Viers - Building Ads and Page Faster with InDesign using Styles
10:30 Break
10:45 Sales Jason Evans Workshop, Close More Deals
10:45 Graphics with Russell Viers - Processing Digital Photos Better and Faster with Bridge and Photoshop

12:15 Lunch, Vendor Intros & IFPA Ad Awards

1:45 Sales Jason Evans Close More Deals
1:45 Graphics Russell Viers - Make your Ads and Pages More Exciting with Illustrator
1:45 Publishers/Management with Greg Stewart Maximizing Your Investment Through Your Employees
3:15 Break
3:30 Sales /Publishers/Management- Greg Stewart
3:30 Graphics Russell Viers Graphics Roundtable

5:00-6:00 Conversation & Cocktails with the Vendors Sponsored by CVC Don’t miss this opportunity to have a drink, network AND you’ll walk away with cash for your night on the town!


8:00 Breakfast
9:30 Sales with Patti Singer: Social Media Marketing Using Your Personal Social Media to Increase Ad Sales
9:30 Publishers/Managers with Jason Evans
9:30 Graphics - Bring Metro Your Challenges
11:00 Break
11:15 Sales with Greg Stewart Develop Your Network to Improve Your Sales
11:15 Graphics: Good Ad/Bad Ad
11:15 Publishers/Managers with Patti Singer Social Media Marketing
12:30 Lunch - Lunch 
1:30 IFPA General Meeting
2:00 Publishers/Managers with Greg Stewart Achieving Maximum Results
2:00 Sales - Round Table Open Forum with Jason Evans
2:00 Graphics Creative and Sales Collaboration
3:15 Sales - Table Open Forum with Jason Evans
3:15 Publishers - Greg Stewart Managing Your Company
4:00 Conference Wrap Up with prize


License To Print Money

A design workshop unlike any seen before presented by Ed Henninger. 10 no-cost, time-saving, revenue-generating design strategies you can use at your newspaper—now!
Sequencing: Making it easier for readers to find what they want. Creating premium positions for advertisers—including some in places you’ve never thought of before.
Color: Using it better to attract readers. Using it better to upsell advertisers. Oh…and black and white are colors, too!
Photos: Using photos better—and selling them to readers. Greater size equals greater impact. Sell the photo in the credit line—with a link to your website.
Reader-submitted photos: A sure-fire way to get readers involved in your newspaper—and turn their photos into money-makers for your company.
Spacing and structure: Creating a more readable page—and creating better spaces for advertisers.
Classifieds: Generating more revenue by creating new opportunities.
The “skinny strip:” It can turn any page into a steady profit-maker in only six column inches of space.
Upselling: Adding value to content you already sell. Obits, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays.
New content: Content that sells…and is written for you. Star Student. School Bulletin Board. Recipe of the week and a lot more!
The bonus: Top-down selling—hey, it works for them! How one California paper has turned the world of newspaper advertising upside down! It’s chock full of ideas that can help you turn design elements and new content into cold, hard cash. What publisher today wouldn’t jump at that opportunity?


Everything Digital Panel
This is your opportunity to ask the best and the brightest. Find out which vendors they use to get the job done. These professionals are here to share their knowledge on making money with mobile, e-newsletters, starting or bringing your digital agency to the next level, pricing strategies, and anything else you have questions about. This tremendous opportunity will only be as good as you make it. Bring all your questions!


Media Buyer Panel Discussion
Local media planning skills are more relevant than ever in today’s hyper-targeted, geo-located world. Find out the approaches, insights, and the process necessary for successful local media plans. Find out how advertisers can find you. SRDS and CVC will help! This panel will enlighten you to how the process works and what you can do to stand out.


Magazine Publisher’s Roundtable
Already publishing magazines or looking to talk with publishers who do? Attend this roundtable discussion to find out more about what works, what doesn’t and the pitfalls to avoid when starting to publish a magazine. We’ll also discuss future opportunities for IFPA to develop a conference education track customized to publishers interested in starting and/or producing high-quality and profitable magazines.


Tons of Fun
We aren’t going to keep you cooped up in conference rooms all day. Both Thursday and Friday dinners will be held outside (weather permitting) with great food, DJ, live music by the Trop Rock Junkies and time for more networking and catching up with old friends. Thursday will be on the Boca Patio at the Caribe Royale and Friday will be poolside on the Pool Deck. See you there!